Voyant One Portfolio

Here you will find a short summary of my photography portfolio divided in four main categories. Of course there is much more of my photography to be seen.

I have been taking photographs since I was 13, starting out with an old Zenith camera. Shooting black and white images using Kodak black and white film.

I’ve have been fortunate to be able to have a dad who also took a lot of pictures and developed my film for me.

Moving on I started shooting digitally when the first cameras came out. Buying my first digital SLR a Canon 300D (or Canon Digital Rebel) a couple of days after it’s initial launch.

I’ve never stopped photographing, although I forgot my passion for a while, just because life got in the way. But now, I am back, and looking forward to taking pictures as long as I am physically able to.

Aside from my regular work I also have an adult section featuring my work which is more suitable for an 18+ audience. Because of this I have placed this work behind an age gate.

If you are offended by adult topics, or if you are family and have an opinion on what I do, please don’t click the button. You have been warned.